Healthy Workplace

Our office has a strict no smoking policy that we respectfully ask all staff to abide by. Smoking is also not permitted within 3 metres of the main building entrance.

Mineral water, herbal teas, fresh fruits and healthy snacks are provided for staff free of charge to encourage healthy eating practices and adequate hydration whilst at work.

An air purifier and air quality monitor is constantly in use in the office to register any changes in particulate matter, humidity and CO2 levels in the indoor air specifically.

We send out an annual workplace wellness survey to monitor progress.

Office Work

Normal working hours are from 9am to 6pm with a 1hr lunch break. 

Employees may be expected to work beyond those times when work demands. 

Any requests for flexible working hours or regular remote work days from home should be discussed with the CEO.

Staff members showing obvious symptoms of illness are expected to work from home rather than put their co-workers at risk. 

Engagement Program

Starting in June 2020, we undertook an annual workplace satisfaction survey. The anonymous survey covers workplace health, wellness and commuter transport, helping to inform our employee engagement program for the subsequent 12 months. For further details, see here.

We also do an annual employee satisfaction survey, again with the outputs feeding in to an engagement program for the year ahead. In year 1 for us (2020) this included improvements to the workplace, clearer KPIs, improved knowledge sharing amongst the team and the training / appointment of a mental health first aider. For more details, see here.

Professional Development

All staff are encouraged to attend relevant industry conferences and events in London, within reason and without jeopardising their work responsibilities. 

If these events occur during office hours or require a ticket purchase, prior approval from the CEO may be necessary. 

We encourage the sharing of event invitations and relevant industry publications internally within the team on an ongoing basis. 

Performance Reviews

In order to align each employee’s performance with the company’s ongoing commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), annual performance reviews will take into consideration a staff member’s contribution to achieving these ESG targets. 

To ensure a full understanding of these objectives, an annual ESG webinar will be distributed internally to staff by Matt Morley, project lead on ESG within the team.

Community Engagement 

We actively look to support ethical businesses and social enterprises in London, especially those that provide job opportunities and education to the disadvantaged. Primarily this is done via our office supply procurement choices.

In future, as we add new build development projects to our portfolio there will be additional opportunities to engage with the local community, be it via educational workshops, the provision of local amenities or improved access to green space in the City of London.

For more on our community activities see here.