UN Sustainable Development Goals

Black Mountain Partners is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development goals, with specific focus on the three where we believe we can have the greatest positive impact. For further details see this page.

3/ Good Health & Wellbeing

11/ Sustainable Cities & Communities

13/ Climate Action

Employee Satisfaction Survey

We carried out our first employee satisfaction survey in July 2020 as an online Google Form with all 6 employees responding.

Using these outputs we identified a number of key themes to target for employee engagement over the coming months, then attached an action to each of them, with follow-up 1-on-1 sessions with the CEO as well as a second such survey in Q2 of 2021.

Key themes for the year ahead include:

  • setting clearer KPIs for each team member to give them a sure sense of their role, responsibilities and future prospects
  • greater knowledge management internally within the team as a way to uplift the overall levels of expertise rather than having too many silos
  • regular team-building opportunities such as bi-annual team lunches
  • improvements to the office space (e.g. acoustic divider panels for reduced background noise; a second computer screen or sit-stand desk extension; new office plants; air purifiers / extra ventilation / air quality monitoring; upgraded fruit, coffee & mineral water offer that also supports social enterprises nearby)

Workplace Satisfaction Survey

We carried out our first workplace survey internally using Google Forms in July 2020 as an online form with 7 of 7 staff responding (100%).

Using these outputs we identified a number of key themes to target for an improved workplace environment over the coming months, then attached an action to each of them.

We will monitor progress with a follow-up survey in Q2 of 2021.

Key themes this year included:

  • more biophilia in the office / indoor plants for improved air quality indoors / access to nearby park for a short yet restorative ‘nature break’
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (air purification / monitoring system, aromatherapy, more ventilation, reduced noise levels)
  • ergonomics (extra computer screens / sit-stand desk)
  • assign and train a mental wellness first aider within team for return to work post-COVID

Our Net Promoter Score this year was 40%.

Social Enterprise Partnerships

We have implemented and will continue to nurture a network of social enterprise partnerships as part of our community outreach program, many of these changes are also expected to have a positive impact on creating a healthy office.

Each new partnership will be monitored for perceived value internally and their respective impact on the wider community.

From office soap supplies by The Soap Coto fairtrade organic coffee by Cafedirect an award-winning B Corp business, carbon neutral BELU mineral water, fruit delivered in biodegradable boxes by Fruitful in Croydon and ethical stationery supplies via fully carbon neutral EthStat. For the full story and more info on each partner company, see this page.

Staff Training

Delivered to date

All team: One hour of ESG strategy training as a webinar during quarantine period

Tony Scholes, Director of Design & Construction: Mental health first aider training

Matt Morley, ESG: LEED GA training online, WELL AP training online

Planned for Q3-4 of 2020

Net Zero Carbon training to raise awareness of this topic within the team

For an overview of our Environmental Policy, see here.