Water Efficiency

Low or no irrigation landscaping strategies, water efficient fixtures, water submeters and more to reduce our overall water demand.

Energy & Atmosphere

From commissioning to energy performance and monitoring refrigerant management, green power and carbon offsets, we take a joined up approach to reducing our energy demand.

Location & Transportation

Site location considerations include smart growth, surrounding density, access to transit, bicycle facilities and parking / green vehicle strategies.

Sustainable Sites

From the site assessment to creating green open space, to heat island reduction, light pollution and habitat protection. We’re looking for every opportunity to minimize our impact on and integrate nature into our sites.

Environmental Policy

An overview of our approach to systems thinking, demolition works, materials selection, in-built flexibility, lifecycle strategy, sustainable site selection as well as location & transportation objectives as they relate to green building.

Materials & Resources

Recycling, construction waste management and both building and product life cycle considerations form part of our materials & resources strategy.

Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

We are committed to following the World Green Building Council Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment that states all buildings within our portfolio should be Net Zero Carbon by 2030 at the latest.

Matt Morley – Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Green & healthy buildings specialist Matt Morley leads the ESG strategy within the Black Mountain Partners team.

Sustainability at 68 King William Street, London

Twin & Earth on sustainability at 68 King William Street, London developed by Black Mountain Partners