Employee Policies

Healthy Workplace Our office has a strict no smoking policy that we respectfully ask all staff to abide by. Smoking is also not permitted within 3 metres of the main building entrance. Mineral water, herbal teas, fresh fruits and healthy snacks are provided for staff free of charge to encourage healthy eating practices and adequate […]

Indoor Environmental Quality

For ‘IEQ’ we take guidance from both LEED and WELL certification systems, while recognising that the latter offers a more expansive interpretation of the subject.

Employee Health & Wellbeing

We recently carried out a workplace survey amongst our staff and used those results to create and implement an action plan that can then be monitored over the coming months. The core themes that emerged were around indoor air quality, biophilia, active lifestyle and mental wellness.

Social Enterprise Partnerships & Community Outreach

We have recently implemented a comprehensive series of social enterprise partnerships as part of our community outreach program, many of these changes also have a positive impact on creating a healthy office too.