Black Mountain Partners is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development goals and, whilst each of the 17 goals has its own merit, we have elected to target three in particular where we believe we can make a genuine impact, in our own small way.

Goal 3 / Good health & wellbeing

Given that city-dwellers now spend an estimated 90% of their lives indoors, we believe a mixed-use development in central London such as our 68 King William Street has a role to play in promoting greater awareness and improved levels of health and wellbeing amongst its regular occupants.

We do this through concepts such as biophilic design, active design, enhanced indoor air quality, the provision of fitness facilities as well as support for active transportation to and from the office, the selection of retail tenants with a healthy F&B offer, giving priority to non-toxic low-VOC materials, and much more.

BREEAM, LEED, FITWEL and the WELL certification systems all contribute to our thinking on wellness in the built environment, a subject that has gained mainstream recognition in the post-COVID19 world.

11 / Sustainable Cities & Communities

Major refurbishments and new build construction projects of scale such as ours in central London come with considerable responsibility. Clearly cities and urbanization are here to stay, yet something needs to change if we are to create a truly sustainable vision of urban life.

As business members of New London Architecture (NLA), we take particular interest in the role we as London property developers can play in wider scale urban planning objectives.

13 / Climate Action

We are committed to having a Net Zero Carbon property portfolio by 2030, with work already afoot to bring that date forward as aggressively as possible.

Our work here revolves around reducing the impact of our buildings on the planet through a coherent and consistent set of energy efficiency measures, water efficiency, waste management and circular economy principles.

The USGBC’s LEED system and the UK’s BREEAM are our two reference points for benchmarks, in addition to the Lord Mayor’s Circular Economy plan.

For more information on our Environmental Policy with regular updates, see this page.